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Does CBD Help with Bone Growth and Health?

Does CBD Help with Bone Growth and Health?

CBD (cannabidiol) has proven to be of great benefit for people with a range of medical problems, but did you know it is proving beneficial for bone growth too?

Bone growth doesn’t cease being important when you stop growing – bone growth continues to be important throughout your adult life and as you age. Elderly people often struggle to have a healthy bone density and consequently often suffer fractures from very little stress. Often, most hip fractures happen during a fall due to the torque pressure on the bone, instead of upon impact with the ground. If we want to live long, healthy lives, we need to pay attention to our bone health.

Why is Good Bone Health Important?


One reason we need to maintain good bone health is in case we have an accident that causes a fracture. Almost all adults have experienced some kind of break as a child or as an adult. Our bones are strongest when we are children, but as we age our bones become more brittle. The area of a bone that has repaired after a fracture is often actually stronger than the bone around it, because it is new growth. If we don’t maintain our bone health we will break bones much more easily.


Diseases and Age-Related Problems

Many people throughout the world struggle with arthritis and osteoporosis, which is a disease that affects the density and quality of bones which can increase the risk of bone fractures, cause back pain, shrinking, and a stooped over posture. It affects almost 30% of all postmenopausal women and approximately 200 million people suffer from the disease worldwide.


How Does CBD Work in the Body?

Cannabidiol (CBD) interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system. We have two receptors; CB1 and CB2. Cannabidiol can activate these receptors and stimulate certain beneficial responses, and both these receptors take an active role in our bone health.

Our CB1 receptor is mainly present in skeletal sympathetic nerve terminals, which regulates the adrenergic tonic restraint of bone formation. The CB2 receptor is expressed in osteoblasts (responsible for new bone growth) and osteoclasts (responsible for remodeling), stimulates bone formation and inhibits bone resorption.


How Does CBD Benefit Bone Growth?

Numerous studies have observed CBD to be beneficial in rodent subjects and humans for bone health. A University of Jerusalem study found that taking CBD may effectively combat osteoporosis in mice and humans, and a study published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research found that CBD enhanced fracture healing by stimulating activity in osteoblasts. A study published in Cell Metabolism in 2009 found that cannabinoid receptors increased peak bone mass and bone marrow, two things which deteriorate quickly with the onset of osteoporosis.

CBD may also be one of the only effective way to treat fractures, a 2015 study by Tel Aviv University found, as current methods only include properly setting the bone and prescribing anti-inflammatories. Their study found that CBD markedly enhanced the healing process of the femur in just eight weeks.


How Can You Protect and Maintain Good Bone Health?

If you want to maintain great bone health throughout your life there are a few things you can do. As you now know, taking CBD regularly will help your body naturally take care of your bone health. Another thing you can do is to eat foods rich in calcium – it’s best to consume whole foods instead of taking a mineral supplement as too much calcium can cause calcification in arteries and be problematic elsewhere in the body, though often natural sources of calcium do not have the same effects.

Whenever possible, you should take a preventative approach to your bone health, and your overall health, rather than waiting for something to go wrong to find the cure. Whether you are looking for a way to improve your overall health or help manage a newly diagnosed problem such as osteoporosis, CBD can be a great way to treat your body without the expense and side effects that come with prescribed drugs.


How to Take CBD for Bone Health

You can take CBD in any form you prefer, the way you take it only changes the speed in which the CBD enters your bloodstream. CBD is available as an oil and tincture, as flowers you can smoke, as a salve or balm you can rub into the skin, as a capsule you can swallow, or in an edible form. If you are looking to maintain and improve your health, it’s recommended you avoid smoking or vaping it because those aren’t the healthiest ways to take it. If you want immediate relief for a specific pain, you may find a salve is the best choice for you.


Where to Buy CBD for Bone Health

Where you purchase your CBD products from is up to you, but make sure you purchase it from a respected retailer who sells products with a full list of ingredients on the packaging. For daily health, we recommend our own LivKind Pharmaceutical Grade CBD Softgels, or our LivKind Tincture . If you have acute pain you are looking to relieve, our LivKind Pharmaceutical Grade CBD Salve will be ideal. You should always purchase your products from a brand who, like us, provides you with the product’s lab results, tells you exactly how much CBD is in the product, and includes a full list of ingredients.


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