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How CBD Helps Cure a Hangover

How CBD Helps Cure a Hangover

There’s no denying it: for most people, drinking a little too much is fun, at least it is as you do it. You’re more outgoing, you feel more attractive, you’re more willing to try things you would never do sober – and provided you’re sensible, you have a great time!

The next morning however… ouch. Most of us have remedies that help, but there’s still no miracle cure you can take to magic the hangover away.

Of course, there’s only one way to avoid a hangover: don’t drink at all.  Most of us can get away with a couple of drinks provided we stay hydrated and get enough sleep.  However, we all know the pain of having too much of a good time.

But what about CBD? CBD has so many health benefits, can it also help us get over a hangover? Yes! Here are four reasons why CBD is essential after a heavy night of drinking, and the best way to take it.

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CBD Suppresses Nausea and Vomiting

CBD can be used for many of the same reasons patients going through chemotherapy smoke or consume marijuana – one of which is that it prevents you from becoming nauseous and throwing up. If you drink a lot without eating enough or eat too much, trying not to vomit is often all you can do the next day, so CBD is perfect for if you’re worried you’ve overdone it.


CBD Helps Manage Headaches

Headaches are the signature sign of a hangover, and that pounding feeling makes it just about impossible to function normally until we take painkillers. Headaches due to drinking are caused by dehydration and losing too many electrolytes. One of the hormones the body produces as it breaks down alcohol diverts water straight to the bladder – hence why you have to go so often! So even though we have effectively been drinking liquid all night, we aren’t getting the hydration we need to function from those drinks alone. CBD is a natural painkiller, so taking it will help reduce the pain you feel from your headache.

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CBD is a Great Antioxidant

We’ve all heard about the benefits of antioxidants; they help our body remove free radicals which essentially move through cells destroying anything in their wake, which if too abundant, can lead to serious health problems. Antioxidants help prevent the oxidation of cells and counteracts the production of free radicals your liver releases as it works to detoxify the alcohol.

CBD helps the body more effectively manage these toxins and will help you feel back to normal quickly. 


CBD Reduces Inflammation

Remember that alcohol – however much we may enjoy the effects – is essentially poison. Our bodies have to work overtime to break it down and often find this process tiring. During this process, areas of the body can become inflamed due to the added stress we place on our organs, which CBD helps reduce.

Of course, it’s also helpful managing the inflammation caused by our tired muscles after a long night of dancing, fun and games, and sometimes other antics or scrapes we may get ourselves into when we’re having a little too much fun.

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How Should I Take CBD to Avoid a Hangover?

If you’re drinking at home or at a friend’s house, consider mixing CBD directly into your drinks or into the food you eat throughout the night to help you get a head start on recovering, even as you drink.

The best way to combat a hangover is to drink water throughout the evening, and take CBD and drink a big glass of water before you go to bed. When you wake up, repeat the process and continue to take it throughout the day until you feel completely back to normal.

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What form should I take my CBD in?

Whatever form you like – just choose a method you enjoy and that will be easy to do when you’re worse for wear and about to fall into bed. Softgels with melatonin are a great thing to take right before bed, the CBD will help with the side effects of drinking too much and the melatonin will help with a restful sleep.  If you feel sick, make sure you have a tincture on hand so you can get it into your bloodstream as quickly as possible.


Where Should I Buy My CBD?

That is up to you, but make sure the products you use have a full list of ingredients on the packaging and have the independent lab results available to be read. Of course, we recommend our LivKind 500mg CBD Tincture as it is perfect for carrying around with you if you want to take CBD throughout the evening, and is easy to take before bed, and when you wake up.

If you take it under the tongue, rather than adding it to your beverages, it will enter your bloodstream quickly and you’ll feel the benefits far sooner. If it has to go via your digestive system first – especially if that system is busy dealing with alcohol and any food you’ve consumed. 

However, if you know that your intoxicated self won’t comply with that late at night, our LivKind CBD Softgels with Melatonin will likely entice even those who want nothing more than their bed!


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