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CBD for Pets with Arthritis: How Can it Help?

CBD for Pets with Arthritis: How Can it Help?

It’s incredibly difficult to watch our pets in pain, but our pets experience disease and aging just as we do. They’ll have good days and bad, but how are you supposed to manage their health day-to-day? Arthritis in pets can seriously hinder their quality of life, so it’s important we do all we can to keep them happy, healthy, and moving with as little pain as possible.

CBD has become incredibly popular for treating arthritis and other health problems in humans, and so naturally people started using it for their pets. But is CBD actually beneficial for animal arthritis? Is it safe? Read on to find out if CBD is right for your beloved furry family member.

How Does Arthritis Affect Our Pets?

Arthritis is a disease where unusual changes in the joints lead to pain and often a limited range of motion. In many circumstances, this is caused by chronic inflammation of the joint tissue, which can be caused by an ongoing infection, past trauma that damaged the tissues, defects, and autoimmune disorders. Whatever the cause, arthritis causes our pets pain, difficulty getting up or down from their beds as well as stairs, and an inability to run and play as they want to.

Arthritis, when left untreated, will progress and often leads to weight gain which can cause further health and joint difficulties.

What is CBD?

CBD (cannabidiol) is an extract of hemp plants. Hemp is a plant from the same family as marijuana and shares many of the benefits, without the THC content (the psychoactive ingredient). It is a completely natural substance, so doesn’t come with the many side effects long term use of NSAIDs and steroids does.

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system in our bodies and the bodies of our pets, which interacts with the nervous system. We naturally produce cannabinoids which help us regulate mood, inflammation, and pain management, but when we take CBD we experience the effects of additional cannabinoids.

 For more information on our endocannabinoid system click here. 

Benefits of CBD for Pets with Arthritis

Reduces Inflammation – one of the best benefits of CBD for pets with arthritis is its ability to combat inflammation. Research is now showing that chronic inflammation is likely the cause of many long-term health problems in both humans and animals, beyond diseases like arthritis.

The more we can do to reduce our pet’s inflammation, the less pain they’ll experience, the more mobile they’ll become, and the more time we’ll have with them.

Less Pain, More Mobility - A reduction in inflammation means less pain and looser joints, so they’ll find it easier to move around. CBD actively works with our pain receptors to reduce pain and help manage the stress that can be caused by painful diseases.

Regulates Gut Function – while this may seem unrelated at first glance, your pet’s digestive system needs to be working efficiently to transport the right proteins and nutrients around the body for rejuvenation and repair. It also helps regulate energy levels, which will help them get up in the morning even when they’re feeling stiff.

 For more information about CBD for our pets digestion, click here. 

No Side Effects – because CBD is an all-natural supplement, very few people or pets experiencing side effects. If you have a young pet with arthritis you may find that a daily supplement of CBD will help keep them healthy and mobile and you can hold off on using prescribed medications and steroids for days and occasions when their arthritis flares up. This will prevent many of the nasty side effects that occur from long term painkiller and steroid use.

Is Pet CBD Different from Human CBD?

No, the only difference between the two is the form it comes in, as it needs to be more appetizing to animals. The other difference you may find is that the FDA imposes certain labeling requirements for human CBD products, but not for animal consumption. Just ensure that the CBD you buy for your pet has less than 0.03% THC.

Is CBD Safe for Pets?

Yes, CBD is an all-natural product. If your pet has any known allergies, ask your vet for advice before giving them any treats containing CBD.

How Long Will It Take for the CBD to Work?

Some pets will respond very quickly to the CBD and be in noticeably less pain in just a few hours, whereas others may take a few days of consistent use before you see a noticeable difference. It really depends on how bad your pet’s arthritis is, how big the animal is, and how well they respond to the supplement.

How Should I Buy CBD for My Pet?

Look for appetizing treats and other pet-friendly CBD products that will entice your pet to eat what you offer them. Purchase a product that has a full list of ingredients and lab results available for you to read. Ideally, they will also offer recommended serving suggestions, so you’ll have a point to start from.

You can search for pet-friendly CBD products online, just ensure the company and brand you purchase from are reputable and tells you exactly what is in the product on the page listing and packaging. Of course, we are happy to recommend our own CBD pet products because we include a full list of ingredients, lab results, recommended serving suggestions, and we use our products on our own furry family members!

Our LivKind Treats are an easy favorite for the dogs in your life. However we highly recommend our LivKind Pet Tincture  for everyday use and pain management. It can be easily mixed in with their food or water but putting directly in their mouth under the tongue is most effective. 


If your pet is on any other medications you should contact your Vet before administering CBD. 

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