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Cassius's Story

How CBD helped my dog Cassius

Meet Cassius, he is our 90 lb pit bull rescue.  He was found abandoned, starving and with a broken leg in a Hartford park in CT. He was taken in by the Hartford Animal Shelter and the wonderful staff was able to get him surgery to fix his leg. When we saw his face we knew we had to take him in.  We went to meet him and he was even sweeter in person, he just wanted to give lots of kisses. 

  Mammal - Cassius's Story

When we brought him home he was still in recovery and needed to stay off the leg for almost 3 months.  Keeping a 6 month old pitbull puppy inactive for 3 months was challenging to say the least.  Once he finally healed we learned quickly that he LOVED to be active and loved to jump. We also learned that he could jump and he could jump high! His favorite things include chasing the hose, swimming, trying to catch bubbles, and the snow. 
Nature - Cassius's Story     Bulldog - Cassius's Story
He also landed hard, over and over again.  We were starting to worry that playing with him was going to harm his healed leg, which also still had a metal rod in place.  The Vet assured us that he and his leg were fine so we continued to let him jump around. A couple years later he started to limp and was very mopey and we took him back in.  He had torn a ligament in BOTH of his back legs.  The Vet told us we could do surgery but since he is such an active dog he would most likely tear it again.  We felt so bad, he loves to play and he loves to jump but we knew one wrong landing and he could really do a number on his leg. The Vet also put him on a pain killer and anti inflammatory which was super expensive.  We gave it to him on his very active days or when the limp was really bad, but it only worked for a few hours before he was limping again.  Then the limp got progressively worse. It got so bad that he could barely get himself up on the couch. It broke our hearts.
Mammal - Cassius's Story
 We started researching natural things we could give him and started added turmeric and other herbs into his diet.  We bought ALL the treats that were suppose to help with joints.  Nothing worked!! Finally we found CBD and talked to our Vet about it.  It turned out our Vet had recently attended some conferences on CBD for pets and was actively researching it herself.  She said she didn't know enough about it yet but that if we felt we wanted to give it a shot she wasn't against it.  We found a company that had a lot of good reviews and went for it. 
Best decision we ever made! After 3 months of using it on a daily basis he stopped limping and was back to his old self, jumping around and being crazy! His mood also improved! 
Cassius's Story
We were also able to take him off the Vet meds all together, saving $$.  He has been on the daily CBD 300 mg for 8 months and we just increased to 500 mg.  After 1 year we plan to take him in for another X-ray to see how the tears are healing.  Either way his pain and limp are gone and our happy dog is back and we owe it all to CBD!  His experience was so reassuring that I started taking it myself for anxiety and started this wonderful new business! 
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