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Mindful Goods

One of our Hugs Over Hate partners is Mindful Goods.
Mindful Goods is located in Guilford CT.  Visit their online store at www.mindfulgoods.net
Mindful Goods offers carefully crafted goods that nourish the mind & body. 
Their mission is to bring you products from socially conscious and eco- friendly companies. 

Their Intention...

They believe that people should practice self care and slow living.  They hope that the products they have choosen will bring you joy, happiness & relaxation.  By taking a few moments for ourselves and allowing our body to rest we also allow it to heal and we begin to feel better.  By being mindful of our well being and being mindful of the products we choose we can embrace the joy in life's everday moments.

The products they choose...

Promote wellness & natural beauty
many are handmade in small batches
from companies who are donating to charity or
are eco-friendly and use sustainable practices

Their Goal... 

To spread kindness & joy through offering you beautfiul products from small companies who are embracing the simplicity in life and are giving back to their communities.  They are committed to doing their part as well and proudly donate 10% of profits to organizations who spread kindness & unity. 

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